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We know there are lots of questions that bubble up when you start planning an event and so we have done our best to answer some of the ones we hear often. While most questions can get answered in our Complimentary Consultations, please feel free to browse through these to see if we may be a good fit for you and your event!

What do your services Cost?

Our packages are customizable based on the needs of our clients. It varies depending on the type of event. When you choose us, you’ll be getting experienced, professional planners that will guide you through the event planning process to give you expert advice and not only show up the day-of, but ensure the entire day runs smoothly and you can just enjoy your event stress-free.

On top of that, we limit the number of events we accept each year so that each client truly gets the time and attention they need.

Who will be my Lead Planner

We have planners with different backgrounds and specialties, so we ensure to match you with the person that best fits the type of event you are envisioning. We strive to match you with the planner that we think you will connect best and understand your needs.

Do you have set packages

No, we do not! We create personalized packages for each client so that you truly get what you need for your special event. We believe that each event is unique and having custom packages is the best way we can serve our clients.

Book your Complimentary Consultation today to discuss your event in order to put together your customized package.

Do you offer a Day-of Coordination package?

Yes, we do! What this means is that since we can’t just show up the day-of an event without prior meetings and venue walkthrough, we include several other meetings and services like a venue walkthrough and tour, timeline creation, coordination with vendors, meeting the week of the wedding, coordination of rehearsal and both a Lead Planner and Assistant Planner the day of your event. We also help our clients that are a little earlier in the planning process with setting up meetings with vendor recommendations, so you are more confident in the vendors you choose. Moreover, we include access to our client portal which has tools such as a checklist, timeline, budget, event design center, guest tracker, layout and seating, vendor contacts and more.

Book your Complimentary Consultation today to discuss your event and put together your customized Day-of Coordination package.

Do you charge for travel outside of the Twin Cities?

We charge for mileage once we are 30 miles outside of the Twin Cities. What this means is that, if your venue is 100 miles away from our main office in Apple Valley, MN, we would charge you for 140 miles (70 miles each way x 2 for round trip). We charge $0.65 per mile, so using our 140-mile distance example, we would charge $91.00 per trip to go to your venue. Typically, we need to travel to the venue 2-3 times depending on your event’s needs.

We also require a hotel room if the event is more than three hours away from our main office. We typically request a hotel room at a hotel where there is a Guest Room Block that has 2 queen beds, which varies depending on staffing needs.

Why should I hire a wedding planner for my destination wedding?

When hosting a destination wedding, we highly recommend that you hire wedding planners, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, wedding planners gain knowledge when it comes to their local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know best whom to choose, to ensure that you only receive the best service at the best price.

What do I need to have prepared before my Complimentary Consultation?

We ask that you have a basic idea and vision of what you want your event to portray.

We do a thorough consultation walkthrough to discern what your event planning needs are so we can build an accurate customized package. Please plan about an hour for your consultation.

If you do have time for a little prep, below are a few suggestions:

  • We will discuss your overall event budget.
  • Please tally up an estimate of your approximate budget, which we can discuss during our consultation, if you’re unsure.
  • We recommend that you check out our whole FAQ page prior to our consultation to use our time wisely so we can focus on your event vision. Come with questions, no question is stupid!
  • Please send us a link to your Pinterest board or other inspirations, so we can see it and help your vision come to life! 

Will you plan Destination Weddings or Events?

Yes, we will help you plan your destination wedding or event as each country has their own rules and specificities. 

What does the event planning process look like?

It depends on the type of event you are planning and the amount of time we have to plan it. A wedding that we’re planning over the course of 18 months looks very different from one that we are planning in 4 months. And a birthday party next month looks different than a golf outing a year from now.

The best thing to do is book a Complimentary Consultation and we will discuss that for your individual event.

What tools do you have available to help us with planning our event?

We have tools that are amazing for both Type-A personalities that love detail & organizing, and for people that avoid organization & details at all costs. Our tools include a checklist, timeline, budget, event design center, guest tracker, layout & seating, vendor contacts and more. 

Do you charge for initial consultation?

No, all our initial consultations are complimentary. This helps our clients decide if we’re a good match for bringing their events to reality. 

What event planning services do you offer?

We offer wedding planning, party planning, baby shower, birthday party planning, graduation celebration planning, corporate evet planning, Non-Profit/Foundation event planning, charity events, life celebrations, and more…

How much communication will we have ?

We will be in constant communication with you each step of the way. We will be available via phone/text/email whenever you have any questions or concerns.

The venue has a coordinator, do I need a planner?

Yes, a planner will work with you prior to the Day-of even if they’re hired for a Day-of Coordination to ensure they understand your vision to help make your dreams a reality.

Will I have a planner at my event?

Yes, you will have a planner at your event as all our packages include a planner being present to ensure the day goes on without a hitch.

Why should I Hire a planner for my destination event?

When hosting a destination wedding or event, we highly recommend hiring an event planner, as each country has their own rules and specificities. Through experience, event planners gain the knowledge needed when it comes to local vendors and suppliers, and therefore they know which vendors to choose to ensure that you receive the best services at the best price. 

Do you cater to any specific religion?

No, we do not discriminate. We work with clients from all walks of life. 

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